Covid-19 A Retribution From On High

For believers in a ‘Higher Power’ of anything hue, there must be times whilst one wonders if that heavenly frame ever loses persistence with what goes on below.
Just believe that said entity, after growing a magical gift just like the planet Earth, balking at the mere sight of the inflicted destruction created by way of the modern-day human rulers.
So photo if you will, the Earth designed to be the epitome of perfection, with deep blue oceans, filled with cleansing marine lifestyles, corals and fauna.
The lush inexperienced pastures and forests, a veritable playground for animals of each kind to frolic and multiply in.
And a sky, lovingly painted in an countless pastel of blue. The Sun, placed to cascade the sector with sunlight hours light. Its health giving rays a supply of strength, vitamins and radiation to promotion the crucial increase to Earths flora.
Then to provide a twist of gaiety, brightly coloured birds introduced to leap free upon the thermals singing and chirping their own sweet music.
Insects of all sizes and styles, additionally taking their satisfaction with the aid of cleansing and preening the land, whilst hired by using ‘Mother Nature’ as her little postmen of pollen to fertilize the eagerly watching for plants.
Finally, to the world came guy and woman in human shape. By cause they were first made humble, introduced as merely some other species in this full-size orb of paradise.
But human’s had no longer been created as equals, a ways from it. They had been more desirable in their powers, through presenting particularly dexterous hands and a effective mind, able to ever wider thought and development. The human, through layout, was destined to adapt, blossom, and ultimately attain mastery over the planet.
Indeed blossom they did over countless centuries. Through trial and error and with the use of ingenuity, human’s conquered the arts of cultivation, husbandry and propagation. This set them other than other species, now they could not handiest create food, but shop it for while needed.
Thus humans ought to pay attention their effective minds on an ever wider scale. Yet through the years the human thrust for global improvement started to lose its way. Progress have become twisted into the pursuit of false gods known as cash and electricity.
The easy basics of life as first of all created for beauty, necessity or software, have been turning into abused in the pursuit of earnings. The genuine reason of evolution becoming corrupted via forget about, or as mere collateral damage of mans brief-time period targets.
So with the aid of now, the believers within the ‘Heavenly Body’, should not be criticized for questioning if some of the worlds screw ups of nature, weren’t in some form an early warning of displeasure as forged down from on high?
The words: “Don’t push your success too far people!” Coming to thoughts.
But such movements in the past had been predominantly a regional issue, whereas now the life threatening pollutants and abuse circumvents the sector. Those original blue oceans are now awash with detritus. The lush green pastures and forests, plundered for minerals, or stripped naked to return ever greater earnings for ‘The Man’.
Originally human leaders have been guys of vision who nurtured the land while thanking it for its advantages. Such men of information have now lamentably long gone, and of their place sit down closed-minded guys of cash, thirsty for strength and hooked on wealth.
Some substantially worthless caretakers, thru lack of mind, or definitely devoid of hobby, surely lay sermons to the beauty of power and wealth. With heads held high and puffed out chests, they espouse how the remaining price of the sector is calculated inside the economic depiction of a protracted line of zero’s on a pc display screen.
So with all matters taken into consideration, who would blame the ‘Higher Power’ looking down on such worthless perspectives to take a few motion? How can such guys of strength, deaf, dumb and blind to purpose, be made to peer that they’re dragging the world down the incorrect course?
Subtle warnings of the beyond have come and long gone with out impact, Mother Nature has displayed her energy in lots of types of current years, however no change of direction appears coming near near.