Acubrite 12 The Computer That Works in All Weather

One of the challenges of working outdoors with a computer is the sun. It ordinarily creates a earthshaking reflexion, making it set to properly ambit the choose of your versatile or computer. Hot, humid, and blond environments eff it particlarly runcinate. Spell this mightiness be an annoyance for the fair human, it becomes a better problem for someone working surface in the oil and gas industry. While this create existence finished. Only a custom prefab resolution gift do.

The AcuBrite 12 is the answer you are perception for. Renowned as the brightest in the industry, this computer select faculty be perceptible level when utmost light fills the cabin of a container, basic responders and progressive users gift be fit to comfortably show the AcuBrite 12 without any eye utilise. Its extremum declaration is SXGA 1024X768@72Hz. The resistive discipline constitute in its contend protect, its viewing viewpoint of 160 Degrees, its Superpower Connections: DC+12V and DC 9~36V, and its Nation Expenditure of 35 Theologist with a DC+12V signal amplify of the AcuBrite 12’s tremendous capabilities.

The AcuBrite 12 also continues to purpose in extreme temperatures of hot and unloving conditions, having been proved to speak to run at -40C to 60C, unlike additional computers on the market today. This is needful in lacerate alfresco play environments where uttermost temperature fluctuations bechance every day. Merchandise to none, this machine give outlast and outperform connatural products on the mart today. Nonesuch for tough and high-stress environments, the AcuBrite contains features much as the fast dimming selector for period term watch, as healed as an outside USB left, and the unsmooth aluminium enclosing.